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Personalized Education Plan

The Paradise eLearning Academy incorporates California state standards-aligned academic content from a variety of resources, including those links at left, as well as traditional hard-copy curriculum resources: projects, reports, assignments, etc. assigned by our credentialed teachers.
In order to ensure that every student is benefiting from the curriculum design incorporated at the Paradise eLearning Academy, a Personalized Education Plan (PEP) will be developed for each student.

The PEP will provide the teacher, parents and student with a common understanding of the student's learning style and objectives; all parties may then act based on that understanding. Periodically, the teacher, parent and student will:
  • discuss the student's learning strengths and weaknesses
  • set goals for the student
  • revise the PEP as necessary to meet the student's needs and current levels of performance
By working closely with each student and family to develop an appropriate PEP, the school will respond to the needs of every individual student, including those who are achieving above or below expected levels.