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Edmentum Courseware

Edmentum offers comprehensive online Courseware that is based on the development of real-world skills, with a keen focus on identifying students’ passions while also developing perseverance and grit. Its Courseware is rigorous, relevant, and aligned to state and national standards. Edmentum delivers engaging content that is designed to meet each student at his or her proficiency level through the use of media-rich and interactive active learning experiences.

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We invite you to learn more about the Edmentum online curriculum by viewing the following link:

Edmentum Course PathwaysTop of Page

The courses are delivered in pathways organized to meet the differing needs of a range of students:

General Studies - Three standards-based course pathways prepare all high school students for graduation, college and work:

  • Literacy Advantage - Assists students in mastering required math, science, English, and social studies content to earn credits toward graduation, while simultaneously developing reading skills.
  • Core - Meets the needs of students ready for grade-level academic challenges, while supplying targeted learning support.
  • Honors - Meets the needs of motivated students seeking to accelerate their learning and deepen conceptual understanding; ideally suited to prepare students for the rigors of AP courses.

Advanced Placement (AP) - Meets higher-education expectations of college-level courses and prepares students to demonstrate achievement through success on the AP exams.


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Direct instruction incorporates multimedia -- in the form of images, audio, video, animations, and interactive elements -- along with instructional text to provide students with multiple representations of concepts as well as address their different learning styles.