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The High School Scholars (HSS) program is an excellent opportunity for local high school students to take up to two courses at CSU, Chico for a nominal fee. The objective of the program is to offer local area students access to college courses that have not been filled by regularly enrolled CSU, Chico students.
Student Requirements (applicable to NEW and RETURNING participants):
  • Attend a mandatory HSS Orientation session to receive a HSS application and other important documents;
  • Be enrolled in the 11th or 12th grade of a local admission area2 high school (AY 2015-2016);
  • Possess at least a 3.0, non-weighted, academic, high school GPA (both 9-12 and 10-12)f applicable, be in good academic standing at any college or university of current or previous attendance;
  • Satisfy any prerequisites or eligibility requirements for the intended course(s) as published in the University Catalog;
  • Submit a properly completed and signed HSS Application, required documents, Add Request Form(s), and $50 fee1 by the established deadlines.
Check again in April/May for the fall updates, and November for the spring updates.