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Who Benefits from eLearning?

There are many kinds of students who prefer the environment of an eLearning school to that of a traditional high school, including:
  • students whose academic and/or social needs are not being met in a large school environment
  • students whose academic and/or social needs necessitate a small school environment with personalized attention
  • students who are underachieving in core academic subjects and whose performance does not match their potential
  • Students who may not be physically able to attend traditional classes
  • Students who require a more flexible school program to accommodate a work schedule or community college classes
  • Students whose personal circumstances make it difficult to attend a traditional high school program
  • Students who may be credit deficient and require a means to "catch-up" to graduate on time
  • Students who may wish to accelerate their academic program
  • Students who may want to take courses not currently offered at their local high school

We believe that our combination of a comprehensive and mastery-based curriculum, high expectations, access to technology (computer and Internet), personalized instructional support, guidance from experienced teachers, and a well-conceived virtual education program can serve the unique needs of these students, help boost student achievement, and offer a new model for effective public education in the 21st century.