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Site Advisory Board

Site Advisory Board

The School Site Council forms the governance of the Paradise eLearning Academy.  It includes at least seven members, including the Principal  and representation from staff, students, parents and community members. 

The School Site Council develops the governance procedures for the Site Advisory Board's composition, terms of office, officers, committees and meeting and decision-making procedures, in consultation with the school's Principal.  These policies continue to clarify and define the specific roles and responsibilities of the Principal, the governance team and other school staff and stakeholders. The School Site Council  may periodically revise its governance procedures, subject to review and approval by the Paradise Unified School District Governing Board.

Parents are encouraged to join the The School Site Council  and to participate in their child's education by volunteering at the school and supporting their student(s) at home as they participate in their online classes.
Paradise Unified School District Board of Trustees

Paradise Unified School District Board of Trustees

Ultimate control over Paradise eLearning Charter School is vested in the Paradise Unified School District Board of Trustees, which retains the right and authority to review, approve, revise, modify, amend or revoke any action, decision or recommendation of the Paradise eLearning Academy School Site Council or Paradise eLearning Academy Principal, including, but not limited to:
  • Preparation of the school's annual budget
  • Evaluation of the Paradise eLearning Academy principal and/or release from his/her position
  • Review of the Paradise eLearning Academy curriculum, instructional methods/strategies and instructional calendar
  • Selection of student assessment practices beyond those mandated by applicable state law
  • Participation in the selection, hiring, evaluation and retention of all staff
Paradise eLearning Academy follows the same oversight, review and evaluation policies and procedures as other district schools. These are initiated by district staff and managed collaboratively between the school and district staff.